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Amelia Cleves
on Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:16 pm

All royal and noble titles work like this, coming as they do from a time of male domination. A wife gets the corresponding title from her husband, but a husband doesn't get any title from his wife.
In the same way, anyone who marries a Prince becomes a Princess, but any man who marries a Princess keeps his own name unless he accepts a title from the Queen.
Also Princess can not change her rank in duchess, or any lower rank.

I'll explain one more time so there not to be more confusion about it:

1.King/Queen: This title outranks all other positions in the royal family hierarchy.

2.Prince/Princess: The prince and princess are usually referred to as the son and daughter of the kings and queens.

3.Duke/Duchess: A duke or duchess holds a high rank below the monarch and can rule over another lower member of the nobility. They were essentially the rulers of the provinces.

4.Marquess/Marchioness: The Marquess/ Marchioness ranks higher than a count. The title is ranked below Duke.

5.Earl/Countess: Earl is also a member of the nobility. Countless is used as the feminine form of the title.

6.Viscount/Viscountess: A viscount is said to hold a viscounty or an area of jurisdiction. Viscountess is the female version of the title.

7.Baron/Baroness: Baron was originally used to denote a chief of the King. The female version of Baron is called as Baroness.

The list above is from higher to lower, so Princess can have rank as Queen, but not Duchess  because that is lower rank. And Duchess can become Princess or Queen, but not Countess since that is lower rank, so if she marries Earl she would stay Duchess and her husband would stay Earl.

Do please follow it especially historical characters.


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